Roman Shade

Roller Shade

Panel Track

Curtain Pole with Curtain Hook

Wood, Bamboo Roller

Cord & Chain


Folding Door & Ceiling

Motorized System



Ready Made


-- Venetian



1.Ward Tilter 18.Wand 31.Standard Valance
2.Cord Tilter 19.Valance Clip 32.Wood Slat
3.Cordlock 20.Small Valance Clip 33.Foam PVC Slat
4.Tape Drum 21.Extrusion 34.Aluminum Slat
5.Universal Tape Drum 22.Wood Tassel 35.Curved PVC Slat
6.Tape Drum Support, Wide Tap 23.Bottom Rail End Cap w/Post 36.Deluxe Bottom Rail
7.Tape Drum Support w/Wheele 23a.Bottom Rail End Cap w/Post
37.Standard Bottom Rail
10.Slat Clip 24.Bottom Rail Anchor 38.Extruded Aluminum B.Rail
11.Center Support 25.Wood Bottom Rail Anchor 39.Foam PVC Bottom Rail
13.Plastic Bottom Rail Button 26.Installation Bracket 40.Crown Valance
14.Hold Down Bracket, Clear Plastic 27.Hex Rod
41.String Ladder
15.Metal Hold Down Bracket 28.Head Rail 42.Fabric Tape
16.Metal Hold Down Bracket Pin 29.Tape Lock
17.End Brace 30.Large Spacer Block

3858 Low Profile
23801 End Bracket

Color Coating -
23858 Headrail Channel 5021 Tilt Rod
(38X57mm; T.:0.55mm) 5.6mm or 6mm Hexagon
Minimum: 2,000M/Color Minimum: 3,000M/Color
23804 Drum Support for Fabric

w/o Brass Roller -
w Brass Roller -
P5007 Plastic Tape Drum 23814 Center Bracket
23802 Drum Support for Strape

w/o Brass Roller -
w Brass Roller -
23803P Pvc Drum 23803 Steel Drum
P501A Pvc Wand Tilter P501B Metal Tilter
23823 Cord Tilter 2385006 Pvc End Cap
23807 Metal Cordlock 23806 End Brace
P501A-SH Pvc Wand Tilter
(with Steel Worm Gear)
23824-SH Pvc Cord Tilter

5157 High Profile
5001A Installation Bracket
5358 Headrail (5M/PC) 5021 Tilt Rod
Minimum: 2000M Minimum: 3000M
5034 Cordlock, Roller
Universal left or right Installation

(100BAG/1000BOX and 250BAG/1000BOX)
5003B Cordlock, Swivel
Universal left or right Installation

5024MP Cord Tilter
Rugged zinc die cast housing, pulley and gear made of durable delrin.

5024MSP Gear in Metal
5024M Metal Cord Tilter
5024MA Metal Cord Tilter w/ Screw Hole
P500 Tilter w/ Hook( with 3 rivets)

P500 PC Clear
P500S Steel Stem + Wand
PSH 501 Steel Tilter + Worm Gear

5014B Center support (no color)
5014BC Center support (color coating)

C-8808 Hidden Ceiling Spring Bracket
L-8801 Hidden Wall Apring Bracket
P502BW Drum Support for Ladder Tape
w/o Brass Roller
w/ Brass Roller
P5007 Plastic Tape Drum
P502B Drum Support Plastic Universal

w/o Steel Roller
w/ Steel Roler(50BAG/1000BOX)
5002 Metal Drum Support 5015 Protector

500pcs/bag; 3,000pcs/carton
5045 Metal Installation Bracket

P5006 Pvc End Cap
50071 Tape Roller-2 Prong 50072 Tape Roller for Ladder Tape 5007D Steel Drum- 4 Prong for Ladder String
(200BAG/700BOX and 100BAG/700BOX)

P502A Drum Support (ALL POM)
(for Ladder Tape & Ladder String)
w/o Roller
w/ Roller
P5007A Drum (for Ladder Tape & Ladder String)

Common Accessories
5012B Hold down Bracket 5019 Washer

5037 Robber Stopper 5006 Endbrace
Head Chammel End
Stiffener Adjustment
5008 Center Stiffener 2505 Wand Clip
P505 Alum. Spacer
64mm & 70mm W.
A-1 Ladder String Clip
5017 Metal Valance Clip 5026A Valance Clip
5032 Tassel (PVC) 5033 Tassel
5033W- wood
5033P - plastic
5025L Metal Equalizer
5025M Metal Equalizer
(5025L-Large; 5025M-small)
CI-35 Pulling Cord
(2.0mm Non-Stretch)
5025P PVC Equalizer White:
CSC-001 Child-Safety-Cord-Stops
445425 Ladder Tape

445325 Ladder String
39X50mm FOR 46mm slat
54X65mm FOR 60mm slat
42X53mm FOR 50mm slat
43X53mm FOR 50mm slat
44X53mm FOR 4 strings
5038 Bottom Button P505P Plastic Spacer
235182 Bottom Button 13504 Bottom Button
5030A End Cap
(for bottom rail)
5030B End Cap
Insert: for bottom rail)
5050 Steel Bottom Rail for 50mm blinds
5031A Spacer 5035 Metal Tape Lock
5026D Valance Clip- plastic for 2"
5036A PVC Wand (Dia:9.5mm) CI-35 Pulling Cord
5036B Clear Wand (Dia: 8mm)
23808-A Barb (Size: 5 X 3 X 8mm)
23808-B Barb (Size: 6 X 4 X 8mm)
23808-C Barb (Size: 6 X 4 X 6mm)


W-0631 Return Clip for Valance (A+B) 5022 Valance Jointer)
5030A End Cap
(for bottom rail)
5030B End Cap
(Insert: for bottom rail)
5030D End Cap
(for bottom rail)
5030E End Cap
(for bottom rail)
13504 Bottom Button
5038 Bottom Button
235182 Bottom Button
5028W Bottom Button
23811A Spacer Block 23811B Spacer Block
23811C Spacer Block 5025P PVC Equalizer
5033P PVC Tassel 5033W Wood Tassel
5026P Round Tassel 5026W Round Tassel
5032 PVC Tassel 2505 Wand Clip
5050 Steel Bottom Rail 5035 Metal Tape Lock
5038 Bottom Button 5031A Spacer
235182 Bottom Button 12504 Bottom Button
5030A End Cap
(for bottom rail)
5030B End Cap
(Insert: for bottom rail)
5050 Steel Bottom Rail (for 50mm blind)
5033 Wand Assembly Kit 5035 Metal Tape Lock
5036 Crystal Wand (with head hook: bottom cap)
5036A PVC Wand (Dia:9.5mm)
(up with hole: bottom in rocend)
5036B Clear Wand (Dia:8mm)
(up with hole:bottom in rocend)
5036C Fiber Glass Wand (Dia:7/8/9/9.5mm)
(up with hole: bottom in rocend)

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