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FACTORY: Oliver Plastic Ind. Co., Ltd. was founded in Pingtung Industrial Zone in 1980.
We started by producing all kinds of goods for DIY shops, Chain stores and department stores at EUROPEAN market. Then we turned to work with USA market and have won a good reputation due to our serious effort of quality control.

Since 1980, we have added one Extrusion line at the Taiwan factory for customers who need CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS such as PVC FOLDING DOORS, CEILING PANEL and DOOR WINDOW FRAME etc. We have 14 extrusion machines to manufacture those items ourselves, even including some other special items for special requests.

After moving the stock size producing line away, we have started to design mold, inject the components for BLINDS AND DOORS since 1985. At the start, we modeled after others' good system, and then we offered our techniques to become OEM parts in Taiwan ; now we create new original design ourselves, obtain patent and sell ourselves.

Those items now from VERTICAL BLINDS, VENETIAN BLINDS-high, low profile, for PVC blinds, for Aluminum and wooden blinds etc... To ROLLER SHADE, ROMAN PLEATED SHADE, we have one CURTAIN RAIL on the top sales at USA market; that is , 95% of the hotels at USA use our system due to its high tech, Then such as Golden Curtain Rod AWNING etc., there are also many systems but under guide from customers.

We create the best one in the world already.

Now in Taiwan, CARROT (CIC) own thousands of molds to meet with customers' decorative needs, from Blinds to Curtain, form Ceiling to Flooring, from Indoors to Outdoors. We have most fashionable patterns, we have the best designers with best techniques to offer you service.


VENETIAN BLINDS in 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm in PVC, ALUMINUM, WOODEN
3 system for VERTICAL BLINDS in high profile, low profile and scissor type. ROLLER BLINDS in 25mm, 28mm, 32mm, 38mm tube in chain type, spring type. ROMAN PLEATED SHADE in 3different control houses in medium and heavy type CHAIN also cord contral. 6 type CURTAIN ROD in hand drawn and cord control type, ADJUSTABLE CURTAIN ROD and Hotel usage ready made package also bulk package. WOODEN POLE, ALUMINUM POLE, ADJUSTABLE STEEL ROD. FOLDING DOORS. AWNING. MACHINE & WHOLE TURNKEY
Any new idea under a certain quantity? You even don't need to spend any more penny, and we work for you from the beginning to end. Otherwise, mold charge little will ask you to afford from the beginning.

So if you want to buy the most inexpensive components, contact us.
If you want to create the best system, contact us. If you want to let your dream come true, contact us.

Our engineers and our firm would like to work for you.

Since 1978, we have assured that all kinds of components for window, door and its stock size, can be manufactured by us in Taiwan.

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